Buying a Mammoth Lakes Property:
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Before buying a condo or single family home in Mammoth Lakes, you'll want to become familiar with the various fees, expenses, carrying costs, etc, associated with property ownership. Our Mortgage Payment Calculator below is easy to use. Simply enter a loan amount, your down payment and estimated interest rate, then scroll down and click the blue Submit button.

There are two primary types of residential properties in Mammoth that people choose to purchase: Condominiums or Single Family Homes.

For buyers that would like to generate rental income from Short Term Rentals (STR's), they will will want to focus on Condos & Townhomes. The vast majority of the condos in Mammoth Lakes are zoned to allow owners to rent their units out to short term visitors and vacationers. 


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  • The Property Tax Rates in Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding communities are calculated by the Mono County Tax Collector's Office and are approximately 1.1% of your purchase price, divided into two payments per year (due in December and April).
  • Mammoth Lakes Condo Owners that want to conduct short-term Nightly Condo/Vacation Rentals of their property for periods less than 30 days, will be required to obtain a Business License from the Town of Mammoth Lakes for TOT (Transient Occupnacy Taxes), which are typically 13% of the nightly rental rate, paid up front by your rental guest. This permit can easily be obtained during escrow in your due diligence period, so your Nightly Rental License will be ready when you close escrow.
  • Mammoth Nightly Rental Condo Owners will also need to carry a basic Liability Insurance Policy and/or an H-06 Condo Insurance Policy. Here is a link to some Mammoth Lakes Insurance Companies.